California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance

On June 28, 2018 governor of California Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill No. 375, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)1. The CCPA Act, grants to the state’s over 40 million people a range of rights comparable to the rights given to European citizens with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (the two legislations are not that similar, but they do share some general features, GDPR is an omnibus law, while CCPA is more limited).

Access Management Index 2019 de Thales - Executive Summary

L'explosion des identités et des applications du cloud a poussé les décideurs de l'IT à réconcilier la vitesse du cloud avec les besoins de sécurité, de conformité et d'évolution de l'entreprise. Les solutions de gestion des accès au cloud dépassent l'expérience proposée par les applications traditionnelles pour consommateurs et ont émergé afin de répondre aux multiples défis du nouveau périmètre d'identité.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Vormetric Transparent Encryption enables organizations to establish strong controls around sensitive data with maximum efficiency. Vormetric Transparent Encryption delivers data-at-rest encryption for structured databases and unstructured files with centralized key management, privileged user access control, and security intelligence to proactively meet compliance reporting requirements. The solution can be deployed without any changes to applications, databases or infrastructure so security organizations can implement encryption with minimal disruption, effort, and cost.

Mobile Payment Card Acceptance Solution using Miura Shuttle and Thales payShield 9000

The Thales payShield 9000 HSM is used by the PSP to provide a card scheme certified method for remotely deploying the cryptographic keys required by the Miura Shuttle device for PIN and data encryption and to perform the secure decryption of the payment transaction data prior to onward transmission to the acquirer.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption for the Sap Hana® Data Management Suite

As the operational lifeblood of enterprises, SAP modules range from enterprise resource planning (ERP) to Human Resources (HR), oftentimes containing sensitive data affected by internal governance mandates or external regulations. Explore the challenges for securing SAP data and the various technology approaches and their tradeoffs.

Key Management Device

Secure, Flexible and Efficient Key Management for Payment HSMs

The Thales eSecurity Key Management Device (KMD) for payment HSMs is a compact tamper-resistant security module (TRSM) that enables keys to be formed securely from separate components in a manner that is compliant with relevant security standards including X9 TR-39, ANSI X9.24-1 and PCI PIN Security.

2019 Global Payments Outlook: Part 2

In this second of a two-part series, 451 Research continues its analysis of the retail payments value chain by exploring five additional payment trends expected to make their mark within the payments industry over the coming months. These include the increasing threat to financial institutions from fintech companies, the growing need for significant infrastructure investment from the incumbents and the expanding use cases for tokenization beyond digital wallets.

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