Datacryptor 5000 Series

Robust security, low latency, and high performance in Layer 2 and IP networks

Datacryptor 5000 Series

The network data encryption solution provides robust security, low latency, and high performance in Layer 2 and IP networks.

Gain Strong Safeguards

Utilizing high-assurance encryption methods and state-of-the-art key management techniques, the Datacryptor 5000 delivers maximum protection of sensitive transmissions and assets.

Maximize Performance

These hardware encryption solutions offer high performance, and significantly lower latency than software encryption capabilities embedded in common network devices, such as switches and routers.

Ensure Compliance

Utilize the most cost-effective data transport medium available, while also meeting or exceeding business and regulatory requirements for data privacy and confidentiality.

Deployment Flexibility

Choose from a range of Datacryptor models, so you get the solutions that match your network protocol, speed, certification, and customization requirements. These solutions can operate in point-to-point, hub-and-spoke, and multipoint mesh architectures.

Robust Safeguards

Datacryptor systems were designed specifically to secure data in motion for business-critical applications. The solution features traffic flow security capabilities that completely mask traffic patterns to prevent surreptitious traffic analysis.

Maximum Bandwidth Efficiency

Datacryptors provide full data in motion security at 98% bandwidth efficiency. These solutions feature group key implementation with unicast and multicast key delivery, helping ensure quick setup and low administrative overhead, even in large-scale environments supporting hundreds of Datacryptors. Each Datacryptor 5000 device can simultaneously perform encryption and key management functions, providing redundant and backup key servers at no additional cost.

Field upgradeable, enabling you to establish continuous protection against new threats while realizing long service life.

Designed to meet FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria requirements for network devices.

Robust system management capabilities, including integrated monitoring of network status and operation, auditing and event logging, remote monitoring, and more.

Support for strong encryption, including AES-GCM and AES-CBC (256-bit).

Offers support for key exchange through Diffie-Hellman ECC algorithm (DH-ECKAS).

Also supports Brainpool curves and Custom curves.

Data Sheet: Datacryptor 5000 Series

The Datacryptor 5000 Series is a family of high-speed data in motion security platforms that deliver high performance encryption at near zero latency. Using advanced connectivity features, the Datacryptor 5000 Series secures data through Ethernet and IPv4/IPv6 Wide Area Networks. Industry-unique throughput optimization techniques ensure up to 95% network efficiency over Metro Carrier Ethernet, IP, cellular, and SATCOM networks. While other solutions merely encrypt data, Datacryptors provide a complete security solution that scales from simple point-to-point to many hundreds of endpoints.


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