Securing Software Containers

Vormetric Transparent Encryption's extension for containers provides data encryption, access controls and data access logging for software containers

Container Security

Container Security

Application development teams continue to increase their use of software containers because of their flexibility and reduced infrastructure costs they. However, security remains a concern. Vormetric Transparent Encryption extends security to containers with data encryption, access controls and audit logging.

Protecting Sensitive Data in Docker Containers

Software containers bring unprecedented benefits to application development teams but aren't designed to have strong inherent security. Organizations must ensure that sensitive data stored within containers and accessed from containers is protected with container encryption to protect your Docker environment.

Unauthorized Access to Data in Containers

With container adoption growing among development teams, they are now on cybercriminals' radars as a new attack target. This places pressure on the security team to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Demonstrating Compliance

Organizations utilizing containers need to be able to demonstrate that they are complying with data privacy and security mandates within the container environment.

Data Encryption in Software Containers

Vormetric Transparent Encryption (VTE) delivers policy-based encryption of data stored within containers and accessed from containers. As an extension of VTE, the solution requires no changes to your containers or applications.

Access Controls to Protect Containers and Data

VTE incorporates container-specific granular access controls for users, processes and resource sets, as well as privileged user access controls. This helps guard against unauthorized access to data within containers and keeps administrators with root access and other privileged users from getting to data they’re not specifically authorized for.

Audit Logs

Compliance and IT security audits call for an audit trail to measure the effectiveness of security controls. The Vormetric Transparent Encryption extension for containers provides container-level data access audit logs to provide insights into data access attempts.

Robust Data Protection

Organizations using VTE for containers enjoy powerful policy-based encryption, transparent deployment, wide support of operating systems and applications, and robust scalability.

Securely Leverage Containers and the Cloud

With Vormetric Transparent Encryption extension for containers, organizations can enforce security policies in dynamic container environments as well as within multi-tenant cloud or virtual environments. As a result, the solution enables maximum efficient use of resources, without compromises in security.

Improved Compliance

Organizations that manage sensitive payment card data, healthcare records, or other sensitive assets, can use the VTE extension to address the data access control requirements of pertinent compliance mandates.

Solution Briefs : Vormetric Transparent Encryption Docker Extension

Docker is taking the application development world by storm. However, while Docker is bringing unprecedented benefits to organizations, it also presents new vulnerabilities. Vormetric Transparent Encryption Docker Extension delivers critical encryption, access controls, and logging capabilities—so you can meet compliance, regulatory, and best practice requirements for safeguarding data within dynamic Docker environments.


Research and Whitepapers : Vormetric Transparent Encryption Architecture

Today’s IT and security organizations need to continue to scale their capabilities. They need to employ safeguards around larger volumes of sensitive data. They have to guard against more persistent and sophisticated threats, and they must establish these safeguards in more places. To address these expanding requirements, leading enterprises and government agencies rely on Vormetric Transparent Encryption.


Video : Vormetric Transparent Encryption Demo

Watch this short demo to learn how Vormetric Transparent Encryption makes it easy to deploy file and database encryption with privileged user access controls and security intelligence log collection across all your server environments (physical, virtual, big data and cloud) with centralized policy and key management. This demo includes an animated demonstration, policy configuration, insider abuse demonstration, and review of the actual audit logs produced.

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