Transparent Data Encryption Key Management for Oracle and SQL Server

For organizations that have invested in TDE solutions, Thales can help leverage these investments while strengthening security and streamlining administration

TDE Key Management

Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases provide Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) functionality, enabling encryption at the database or cell level. It is very likely, however, that you will also need to encrypt the log and report files that contain sensitive data from these databases. And for many organizations, data in other applications and databases will need to be encrypted as well, requiring investments in multiple encryption products, key management and storage systems, and implementation efforts.

TDE Key Management
Inefficient Administration of Encryption Keys

Multiple encrypted databases typically require multiple encryption key managers, resulting in added administrative costs and effort to ensure that keys are properly stored, secured and backed up. And, given that each instance of Oracle or SQL Server requires a separate encryption key, disparately supported key managers results in more complexity and exacerbates the risks of having keys lost or stolen.

Streamlined Key Management

Vormetric Key Management provides relief from the administrative burden of managing multiple encryption keys while significantly improving your security posture. Vormetric Key Management can centrally manage encryption keys from Oracle TDE, Microsoft SQL Server TDE, all Vormetric products, and other Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)-compliant encryption platforms. By leveraging Vormetric Key Management, your security teams can avoid the cost and effort of having to support multiple encryption key managers—and more easily ensure encryption keys are properly stored, secured, and backed up.

Reduced Costs and Administrative Burden

Vormetric Key Management reduces the cost and effort associated with managing your encryption keys, and frees up your security team to work on other priorities.

Improved Availability

Vormetric Key Management increases data availability by storing encryption keys in highly reliable Vormetric Data Security Manager appliances, which can be configured in a redundant fashion to support failover and disaster recovery.

Granular Access Controls

Vormetric Key Management provides separation of duties between IT functions and encryption key management, including encryption key generation, storage, expiration tracking, and auditing of encryption key operations.

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